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20 days left for car festival of odisha & the first ritual of car festival has already started

Mootv Odisha / puri :

Only 20 days left for the world famous Rath Yatra. The first festival of Rath Yatra has started. Today is Rajadhiraj Kalia Thakur’s Rajendra Vishek Nit. Tomorrow is Rukmini Prabhat 11th, the next day is Champak dwadashi. After that, the entry of the two thrones, the army belt and the Banan Purnima Nit on the next day. After the end of the policy, Madan Mohan will receive the obdukamala and place it on the bed of Ganesh. After that, Jay Vijaya Door will be closed and Jagmohan’s electric lights will be turned off and it will be dark. At this time, the alt of the great lords will be placed inside. According to legend, a duggar from Uttara came and informed Madanmohan about Rukmini’s marriage proposal and informed him to become Rajendrabhishek. Madan Mohan, having won the hands of the Mahajans, mounted on a well-equipped chariot at the foot of the hill.

After that, bells, umbrellas, and kahali bells are sounded by the flight attendants, who circle the chariot in a large circle and place it again at the base of the boat. At this time, Poliya Khuntia, Garabadu servants are present. On the 38th day of September, the work of making the chariot of the Vishva Nianta continues. By the time of Devashnan Purnima, the charinahaka of the chariot is done, before which the charinahaka charita is done today. The third Haribol by the servants. The four sides of the chariot have been raised. After the four sides of the chariot are raised, the work on the upper part of the chariot will begin.

On the other hand, when the 14 Nahaka work has been completed, the Pol Gayal Chaupat work has been completed. On the other side, the carving workers are continuing the carving work on the dance floor of the three chariots. The work of corner molding is over and the framers are fitting it to the car while the plank molding is going on. The Ojha servants are continuing to make the nada thorn for potal in the temporary workshop of Dolabedi. With only 20 days left for the chariot journey, the construction work is going on in full swing. Despite the heavy fire, the construction of the chariot of the Lord is being completed in the presence of more than 200 chariot builders.

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