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Tameshwar Celebration At Khordha

Khordha district Rameshwar is famous for the historic Panchdol festival. For this reason, the enthusiasm of the local people is not in the mind. To celebrate Pachudhol festival, Thakur is present in Dobbiman at BJ Mandapam.

Look at this is the Khurda district Rameshwar panchudol market this year. Panchudol is being sold at home. There are colorful pasaras on the field. Dahibara alu dum, dosa sambar, pakdi, potato chips, ice cream with Gupchup have been bought in the market.
Thakur Thakurani’s floats are decorated with colorful mandani, bright flower garlands. Thanadhipadi Jagatromohan in a huge patio with conch, bells, big drum, beeuri, sankirtan, chang, bagha, masai, kela kelhoni, naga dance, razarani, bull dance, horse dance. They all gathered together and went around the village and got into trouble.
Jagatramohan Dev, the head of the place has already invited Tetishi Koti Dekadevi. The fairground is filled with the sound of Haribol. The festival is being held with the help of the elderly people of Rameshwar village and the members of Dolakmitti.

This grand reunion festival of the spring season is filled with great joy in everyone’s mind. Devotees see Thakur in the throng of devotees in the Dolpadi and ask for blessings from the Lord Abir Chiching on Thakur and are enjoying shopping and shopping in the Dolpadi. I mean They are having a lot of fun after safely walking out of the Pachundol Yatra. Traders are hoping to make good money by doing business in the Pachundol Fair this year. The Pachundol Yatra is organized in Rameshwar along with peace chain.

It remains to be seen how Rameshwar is celebrating the Pachudhol Yatra this year.

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