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Action to be taken in case of delay of employee….

Mootv Odisha / New Delhi :

The central government has issued a strict warning to the employees. Strict action will be taken against employees who come to the office late and leave early. The central government has asked the officials to take seriously the incident of coming late and leaving the office early. Many employees do not register their attendance in the Biometric Attendant System (AEBAS). Apart from this, there were also complaints that some employees were regularly arriving late. After receiving such complaints, it has been proposed by the Ministry of Karma to use mobile phone based face authentication system.

This will allow the live location of the employee to be known. The ministry said that the case of proper implementation of AEBAS has been reviewed. The implementation of AEBAS has made progress. Taking this seriously, the ministry said that all departments will regularly monitor attendance reports. The ministry said that cases of habitually arriving late and leaving office early should be taken seriously. Strict action must be taken against such employees. Half day leave will be deducted from the CL of employees who come late. If anyone does not have a CL, then disciplinary action will be taken against them by the department. However, the ministry said that no action will be taken against the employees who are late once or twice in a month, showing proper reasons. It will be known why the employees are constantly late in reaching the office. All departments have asked their employees to follow the office hours guidelines, the ministry said.

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