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Special meeting of Kalahandi and Gariband police for election of two states.

Kalahandi: 01/04: A special meeting was organized in Devog between the police of Kalahandi (Odisha) and bordering Gariaband district (Chhattisgarh) to conduct the upcoming elections peacefully. In Kalahandi district, Lok Sabha and Assembly elections will be held simultaneously on May 13, while in Chhattisgarh, only Lok Sabha elections will be held on April 26. There are fears that the possibility of many criminal and illegal activities affecting the upcoming elections in both the states will increase. So now Dharmagarh sub-division of Kalahandi district and Mainpur sub-division of Chhattisgarh state have prepared a joint strategy to deal with it.

A meeting was held between the two state border police under the leadership of Mainpur SDP Baji Lal Singh and Dharmagarh SDP Manoj Behera at Devogh police station premises. Officials of Dharmagarh, Koksara, Devogh police stations also participated in this meeting. The possible unethical activities affecting the elections were discussed in this meeting. A strategy was also formulated to deal with it. The police will list the people involved in illegal activities and identify the villages. There will also be a joint WhatsApp group of both states to exchange information and take immediate action.

Election dates are different in both the states. In such a situation, liquor shops on both ends of the border will be closed before the date of election, a decision will be taken after communicating the opinion of the senior officials with the Election Commission. Apart from the border roads, the two states will also monitor suspicious persons, try to prevent illegal liquor and other illegal items from crossing the border. Dealing with it is no less than a challenge for the police of both the states. Apart from checking the vehicles in the border areas, Odisha Police has also started monitoring.