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TDP charges against Jaganmohan: Former Andhra chief minister’s 500 crore palace is on Rushikonda hills

Discussion about Hill Palace in politics in Andhra Pradesh. The new government, TDP, has now made serious allegations against the old government. Former Chief Minister Jaganmohan’s claim of having a luxury bungalow worth 500 crores on the hills has become a topic of discussion. Chandrababu’s TDP has made serious allegations against the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jaganmohan. The current government has accused Jagan Mohan of buying luxury houses, resort properties, and land worth crores of rupees by misappropriating government funds while in power.

Jagan’s Palace on the Hill Jagan Mohan’s ‘Palace’ on the Sikonda Hills is a luxurious bungalow costing around 500 crores. There are 12 rooms in 3 mahals. 33 crores have been spent on interior design.

Recently, TDP MLA Srinivas Rao visited here along with NDA delegation and journalists. After his return, Jaganmohan’s information on this matter on social media has created a stir in Andhra politics. TDP alleges that a large amount of trees have been cut down for Bengal. The green corridor of the state government has been broken. Not only that, Jaganmohan made it by giving false information in the court.

At first this bungalow was given the name of Jaganmon State Government Retreat Hotel and later it was shown as a tourism project. The biggest thing is that Jaganmohan made it for himself with government money to fulfill his wife’s wish, TDP alleged. On the other hand, SR Congress dismissed all the allegations. It was the day that Andhra Police arrested Chandrababu Naidu from the road in the skill development scam on the orders of Jaganmohan. The cycle of time has changed, now what will be the attitude towards Jaganmohan in the corruption allegations.

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