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Rukmini harana Rituals

Rukmini Abduction Policy will be held in the temple today. The marriage policy of Lord Shri Jagannath with Goddess Rukmini will be consummated. There has been a tradition of taking Rukmini and celebrating the wedding ceremony in the temple on the first day of the first lunar month. On this day, Sri Madan Mohan Besham is performed from the southern house while sitting in morning light puja. Later, the marriage ceremony of Goddess Rukmini with Lord Mahaprabhu is concluded in the evening.

In the morning, after incense rises, Pujapanda gives the commandment of Lord Shri Jagannath to Sridevi, and the servants of Mahajan make Sridevi enshrine her in the palinki on the seven steps. The palinki is then taken by the flight attendants to the temple of Mahalakshmi. Sridevi is bathed in Panchamriti on the bed of Mahalakshmi’s Jagmohan and adorned with fringes, bangalagi and ornaments. At the time of this ceremony, Tabachau Karan comes with a palm and a pen. Vitarak Mahapatra touches Sridevi’s palm and pen to give it to Tabachau karan and writes a letter. After that, Mahapatra took this chitau and touched Sridevi’s hand with sandalwood. After the end of the vogmandap, the prayer beads are received and placed near Shrimad Mohan Jayabijay Door. There are Puranpanda, Pujapanda and Poliya khuntia and Bachnika.

Then Sri Madanmohan seated himself on the chariot placed below the seven steps and performed the vijje near the temple of Bimal. Meanwhile, Mahalakshmi Temple moves from Jagmohan to Sridevi Vimala Temple. Here, the supplies provided by the festival attendants fall into Bimal’s shri ang and when Bimal comes out of the temple after the puja, Srimadhanmohan abducts Sridevi and Goddess Rukmini. This statute is edited by the insider Mahapatra.

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