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Suspicious death of competitive student, body found near Rasulgarh street –

Mootv Odisha / Bhubaneswar :

Suspicious death of competitive student in Rajdhani. The police have dumped the body in an unusual manner. The dead body of the student was recovered from a house near Rasulgarh Street near the petrol tank. However, one of the dead students is Antaryami Behera of Bhuasuni village, Balikuda police station, Jagatsinghpur district. Antaryami’s body was recovered today and post-mortem has been conducted at Capital Hospital.

According to information, Antaryami did not come for duty yesterday, so the staff of my boss called him on his mobile. As Antaryami did not pick up the phone despite repeated calls, other staff members nearby were sent to her. Another employee went there and found that he was sitting alone on a stool through the door of the rented house where he lived. Later, when the door was opened, Antaryami’s body was sitting on the bench, foaming at the mouth. There were no other spots or wounds on the body. Meanwhile, the water tap in the house was running. After the body was seized yesterday evening in similar condition, the body was autopsied today.

Meanwhile, the police have registered a case of death. The report will reveal whether the death was due to drug reaction or heart attack or poisoning. A PG Chemistry student. And now he was preparing for the competitive. For which he had worked hard for the last three years and stuck for UPAC and OPSC and other exams. Even cleared exams like District Police and Panchayat Executive. He continued to study hard for a senior officer and high-ranking government job. He also worked in the rat section of my boss for earning. Now his unnatural death has cast a shadow of mourning in the palace of his family and friends. However, Antaryami had previously been in the ABVP student organization and had done some community service. Even after his death, his eyes have been donated for the good of the society.

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