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Let’s learn, let’s grow’ Comedy! For lunch, the child is served worm rice.

Mootv Odisha / Nabarangapur :

Worms in rice. Then rice will be made from it. And the students will eat it for lunch. Instead of eating, the students are being cooked and fed worm rice. Such a scene has been seen in the primary school in Nabarangpur district Nandahandi block Dalleiguda village.

In order to fulfill the mission of “Educate everyone, everyone grows”, the government has organized mid-day meals in all schools to create interest in education among the young children through various schemes. At school, the school lunch is served to the students of worm rice. This was seen in the primary school in Dalleiguda village under Nandahandi block of Nabarangpur district. It has been seen that worm-infested rice is cooked and given to school children while the daily ration is bought from outside. On asking the headmaster of the school about this problem, he said that the responsibility related to cooking belongs to self-help groups.

On the other hand, Shradhanjali, who is in charge of the school’s kitchen, asked the women of the self-help group and said that they are cooking the rice that is being provided to them. While there is no permanent Group Education Officer in Nandahandi Block, there is a rule that Additional Group Education Officers or BRCC visit the schools to understand the teaching and mid-day management and report any deviations. But they are seen visiting schools with pen and paper.

On the other hand, after asking the district education officer of NY, he said that he will investigate the matter and take action after knowing the truth. On the other hand, after asking the food supply minister Krishnachandra Pan, who visited Nabarangpur district, the person who supplied the rice and the officer of the supply department will be responsible for it. Therefore, action must be taken after sending a squad and conducting a proper inspection,” Minister Krishnachandra Pot said.

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