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Mootv Odisha/ Bhubaneswar :

Odisha Assembly has changed. There has also been a major change in the workflow. The process of digitization of all works has started. Emphasis is being laid on paperless Odisha assembly work. As a result of this, the National Informatics Center or NIC has launched a project called Neva in the state assembly. Odisha Legislative Assembly Speaker Surma Padhi said this.

The state-level e-legislation training camp has been officially inaugurated in Odisha Assembly premises. Inaugurating the program, the Speaker said, “Odisha Assembly will be paperless very soon.” Odisha Legislative Assembly will be paperless and fully digitized. Neva has taken responsibility for this. It will help in maintaining the environmental balance by making all the activities of the assembly paperless. While this work was started in the previous assembly, it will be completed in the current assembly. All the proceedings of the assembly, from questionable programs to all bills and related activities can be made easy and simple through Neva. We are trying to achieve this goal in the next year or two.

Similarly, it is planned to train all MLAs through Neva. Some MLAs are aware of this. Others will be trained. The more MLAs are informed about this, the easier it will be for us. The Assembly has become largely paperless. As the scope of artificial intelligence continues to widen. We have to complete this project within a certain time frame. Otherwise we will fall behind technologically. Going paperless in the coming days, the NEVA program will achieve a ‘Living Council, Living Citizen’ approach. Assembly Secretary Dasharathi Shetpathi said, “It is a welcome step to make the proceedings of the Assembly going paperless in a democratic manner.” As a result, all operations can be timely and transparent. The main objective of Neva project is to implement the paperless scheme. The role of the District Information Science Officer at the district level is very important in this field.

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