ସତ୍ୟର ଜାଗ୍ରତ ପ୍ରହରୀ

In Baripada, the bathing principle ends, three Thakurs are seen at the bathing altar –

Today on the holy Devasnan Purnima, Srijagannath’s divyasnan policy is going on. Devasnan policy continues in Jagannath temples in the state and in the country and abroad, including Shrekshetra Puri, the birthplace of Sri Jagannath culture. In this series, the holy Devasnan principle has also been completed in the temple of Shri Haribaldev Jiu at Baripada in Mayurbhanj district. Chaturdhamurthy has bathed in the bath altar in the presence of thousands of devotees. Devotees are overwhelmed with devotion after seeing Kalia Saint at the bathing altar. The whole environment vibrated with the sound of ‘Jai Jagannath’.

As per the pre-arranged schedule, at around 4 o’clock in the morning, after the auspicious prayer of Mahaprabhu was over, Goti Pahandi went down gradually, first Chakraraja Sudarshan, Badbhai Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and finally Mahaprabhu Srijagannath worshiped the bath altar. According to tradition, three Thakurs were worshiped by worshiping pandas in the bath altar by invoking Ganga Devi. Later Srijiu’s bathing policy was started.

First bathed in Panchamrit, then Ganga water and finally Pid water. After that, along with Mahaprabhu, brother Balabhadra and sister Shubhadra were bathed in 108 gars of fragrant water. After the bathing ritual, the attendants finished wiping the body of the Lord and dressed him in new clothes. Later, Thakur’s body was covered with sandalwood. After the completion of the Devani, a Sahan Mela of the Lord is held for the purpose of seeing all the devotees. At around 10:30 in the night, Shreejiu will perform the gazbesh on the altar. After that, the Three Thakurs will be buried in Goti Pandi to Ansar Pindi.

On the other hand, the security system has been tightened by the police administration. According to the instructions of Mayoralty SP S. Ms. from this morning till night, the movement of vehicles has been completely prohibited on the road that passed in front of the temple. All kinds of arrangements have been made as to how the devotees can have darshan with peace. Two platoons of police force have been deployed to prevent any untoward situation.

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