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Health department urgently to prevent dengue infection in the state

Mootv Odisha / Bhubaneswar :

Dengue infection has started in the state. The state health department is keeping a close eye on the dengue outbreak. A mapping and survey has been directed to identify areas where dengue hotspots have occurred in the last 5 years. In this regard, State Health Secretary Shalini Pandit has written a letter to all District Magistrates and Municipal Commissioners. Public health director Vijay Panigrahi has advised people to be aware of themselves and be careful.

Various measures are being taken by the Bhubaneswar Metropolitan Corporation to control dengue. Dengue is under control in Bhubaneswar. Mosquito oil is applied instead of mosquito eggs. Bhubaneswar mayor Sulochana Das said that fogging was stopped due to rain and now it will be done again. People are also being made aware. Dry day is observed. The parks are overgrown with vines. Self-help groups were entrusted with park maintenance. There have been allegations that they are not properly accountable. BMC will take the initiative itself. Due to the rain, trees and grass are growing. BMC Mayor said that BMC is taking steps to control dengue and mosquitoes.

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