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Discontent in BJD against Pandian: Big leader unable to digest defeat

Mootv Odisha / Bhubaneswar :

BJD is looking for a reason for its humiliating defeat. In addition, it is being said that there is growing dissatisfaction in the party regarding VK Pandian, who is demanding BJD during the polls. However, he has taken up politics. Still he is coming to Naveen Nivas . And BJD leaders cannot accept it easily. VK Pandian retired from active politics after BJ’s defeat in the elections. However, he is coming to Naveen’s residence every day. After this news came out, the BJD leader could not digest it easily. Even if they are not directly protesting, they are shooting thirteen arrows. Pointing out multiple reasons for BJD’s defeat and indirectly hinting at Pandian.

It is rumored that the discontent among the BJD leaders may lead to a major revolt. However, the big leader of BJD still does not say anything directly in fear of Pandian, surprising everyone. Even the spokespersons who hold press conferences for small things and are happy, are not seen. Political commentators have expressed doubts about such behavior of BJD leaders. Not only political commentators, but the opposition has criticized the party’s big leaders for keeping quiet for the defeat of BJD . For the first time in 24 years, BJD has faced such a big disaster. And for this V.K. Pandian is being blamed.

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