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Development of 50 years in 5 years: Mohan Majhi

In 5 years there will be 50 years of development. Chief Minister Mohan Majhi has responded after meeting the general public at Rajya Guest House. He said, there will be 50 years of development in the next 5 years. People in Odisha have changed the government after 24 years. Even after 24 years of rule, the basic problems of the people have not been resolved. I come from a normal family, I have seen people's problems''.Now, how people will get justice, my government will take care”. The new government will give justice to those who have been wronged.

The BJP government is committed to serving the people and providing justice. With the blessings of 4.5 crore people, the development of Odisha will be fast. I will shoulder the responsibility to take the development of Odisha to its peak. We will show what was not done in 24 years of government. The BJP government is the government of the people, the government of the common people. This government will go to the people, Modi’s guarantee will reach the people, said Chief Minister Mohan Majhi. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi had said that the development engine will run in Odisha. Odisha will be the number 1 state in India.

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