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32 lakh per person for the questionnaire….

Patna Police has arrested 7 people including 4 examinees in the NIT-UG question paper leak case. According to the accused’s confession, a gang charged Rs 32 lakh each for issuing the leaked question papers. The NEET-UG exam was held on May 5 and the results were declared on June 4. The medical entrance exam in Patna is in the midst of controversy over allegations of question paper leaks and irregularities.

Nitish Kumar and Amit Anand, two accused members of a gang that leaked question papers of prestigious exams like NEET, BPSC and UPSC, were involved in the crime. Nitish and Anand wrote in their affidavit that they were contacted by a person named Sikander Prasad Jadbendu, who was working as a junior engineer in Danapur Town Council in Bihar. Jacobendu asked 4 candidates, including his nephew, to give the NIT-UG question papers. Nitish and Anand took Rs 32 lakhs from Jadbendu for the questionnaire A day before the exam, on May 4, four candidates were called to a guest house, where Nitish and Anand gave them the question paper and helped them solve it. The examinees admitted in their confessions to the police that the same question appeared in the actual exam on May 5. Jacobendu’s son Anurag Jacob was preparing for NEET-UG in Kota, Rajasthan. In his confessional statement, he told the police that his mother called him and told him that she had received the questionnaire. A day before the exam, her mother introduced her to Amit Anand and Nitish Kumar, who gave her the question paper and solution. They helped him solve the question paper overnight. Another student, Shivnandan Kumar, also has a family relationship with Jadbendu.

He also admitted that Jacobindu ‘uncle’ had asked him to come to a house on May 4 where Nitish and Amit helped him solve the leaked questionnaire. Abdhesh Kumar, father of Abhishek Kumar, another candidate, stated in his confessional statement that he paid Rs 40 lakh to Jacob for the questionnaire. Another candidate has admitted paying Rs 40 lakh to Ayush Raj’s father Akhilesh Kumar Jadbendu. Sikandar Prasad Jacobendu claimed in his confession that he helped 4 NET candidates and one of their parents to stay in Patna. However, since the two main accused were in constant relationship with RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav and asked to book rooms for the accused students in the bungalow where the questionnaire was delivered, it has started a massive dig.

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