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The health minister advised the doctor to see Munnabhai MBBS

Mootv Odisha :

Consult doctor to see Munnabhai MBBS. Health Minister Mukesh Mahaling has given this advice to doctors after a review at Cuttack SCB. He also said to treat patients well. It is the government’s responsibility to protect doctors and treat patients. The new health minister of the state said that no one can interfere between doctors and patients.

However, Mukesh Mahaling visited Cuttack SCB Medical Center for the first time after taking charge as the Health Minister. After first reaching the Principal’s office, the SCB Medical Superintendent and the Principal welcomed the Health Minister with a grand welcome. Later SCB along with superintendent and principal reached the surgery department in a battery vehicle and reviewed the patient care.

Also, he used to talk to the patients and ask about the medical facilities. Later, he attended the promotion meeting organized by the Medical Junior Doctors Association and discussed various issues with the junior doctors. Later, he attended the meeting organized in the Principal’s conference hall and reviewed the various activities.

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