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Petrol price may decrease in the state.

Mootv Odisha : Petrol price may decrease in the state. Because the central government has made arrangements for petrol and diesel to come under GST. But all the states should give a decision in this regard. This has been clarified by the central government. If petrol and diesel come under GST then the price per liter will be reduced by an average of Rs.20. It means that petrol and diesel will be available between 75 and 80 rupees per litre. But when will it start? There is no clear indication of when the decision will be made.

The oil level is now around 100. It is often claimed that the prices are low. Taking into consideration the demands of the people, the Center has now taken a decision and left the decision to the states. However, the meeting of the GST council was held for the first time in the third term of the Modi government. While GST has been imposed on many goods and services, some concrete steps have been taken to prevent tax evasion. The expectation that petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and other petroleum products will be brought under the ambit of GST is not yet clear.

Importantly, former finance minister Arun Jaitley had earlier arranged to include petrol and diesel in the GST law. Now the states have to come together and decide on this. States will have to decide how much GST will be levied on petrol and diesel. Although GST came into effect from July 2017, the decision to bring crude oil, natural gas, petrol, diesel and aviation fuel (ATF) under the GST law was postponed. For many years, there has been a demand to bring petroleum products under GST, but it has not been done yet. However, if GST is imposed on petrol and diesel, its price is likely to be reduced by Rs 20 per litre. Time will tell what decision the states take.

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