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US Congress passes Ukraine, Israel foreign aid bill worth $95 billion

On April 24, US President Joe Biden will sign a $95 billion national security package, providing emergency aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, marking a crucial step in supporting besieged US allies. The Senate’s approval on Tuesday night paved the way for resumed arms shipments to Kyiv within days.

In a statement, Biden hailed the passage of the legislation as a reaffirmation of American leadership in promoting democracy and freedom globally while standing against tyranny and oppression. The urgency of the aid is underscored by the ongoing conflicts and humanitarian crises faced by Ukraine, Israel, and other regions such as Gaza, Sudan, and Haiti.

Ukraine, in particular, faces an acute shortage of weapons and urgent needs for air defense systems as it continues to endure relentless attacks from Russia more than two years after the invasion began. The Senate’s decisive 79–18 vote on Tuesday night ended a congressional impasse that had delayed the aid package, reflecting growing isolationism within the Republican Party and undermining US foreign policy commitments.

Despite initial opposition, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell expressed support for the assistance package, emphasizing the importance of standing by Ukraine in its time of need. The bipartisan bill, which passed the House by a vote of 311 to 112, includes $61 billion for Ukraine, with provisions for replenishing US weapon stockpiles, providing defense systems, and supporting military operations in the region. Additionally, $9.5 billion in economic assistance to Ukraine will be provided in the form of a loan, which the president can choose to forgive after the next election.

The passage of the aid package represents a significant commitment by the United States to bolstering its allies’ security and stability in the face of ongoing geopolitical challenges. With Biden poised to sign the bill into law, the stage is set for enhanced support to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, reaffirming America’s commitment to defending democracy and promoting global security

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