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Even without films, Rekha maintains a royal lifestyle

New Delhi: Rekha is one of the most famous and popular actresses of Indian cinema who has given many popular films in her career. Even today, Rekha beats many actresses in her beauty That’s why she is also called evergreen actress Although Rekha has been away from films for many years, she is only seen at regular events Even away from acting, Rekha has no shortage of money, and it shows in her lavish lifestyle So today we will tell you how her household expenses are going without any movies Rekha started her acting career at a very young age.

She played a small role in the Telugu language drama ‘Inti Gutu’ in 1958 when she was only one year old. Rekha acted in more than 180 films. He has been awarded many awards including the National Award and the Padma Shri Recently the actress has not acted in any film for 10 years She has only been spotted at a few programs or public events Even without films, Rekha maintains a royal lifestyle The veteran actress owns several properties in Mumbai and South India which she rents out and from which she earns millions of rupees per month.

Rekha also charges large fees for guest performances or guest appearances in TV serials or reality shows or for participating in other activities. Similarly, Rekha was also a Rajya Sabha MP During this period he was getting salary along with other allowances. He charges lakhs of rupees to go to any private event, Rekha lives in Bandstand in Mumbai and his Bengali name is Basera. Its price is said to be Rs 100 crore.

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