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US imposes sanctions on 3 China firms for supplying components to Pakistan for ballistic missile project

The U.S. State Department recently imposed sanctions on companies from China and Belarus for their involvement in supplying missile-related items to Pakistan’s ballistic missile program. Here are the key details:

  1. Sanctioned Entities:
    • China-based Companies:
      • Xi’an Longde Technology Development Company Limited: This company supplied missile-related equipment, including a filament winding machine. The equipment was destined for Pakistan’s long-range ballistic missile program, specifically the National Development Complex (NDC).
      • Tianjin Creative Source International Trade Co Ltd: This Chinese company provided stir welding equipment, which the U.S. claims can be used to manufacture propellant tanks for space launch vehicles. Additionally, they supplied a linear accelerator system, believed to be used in inspecting solid rocket motors.
    • Belarus-based Company:
      • Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant: This Belarussian company supplied special vehicle chassis to Pakistan’s long-range ballistic missile program. These chassis serve as launch support equipment for ballistic missiles developed by the NDC. The NDC is responsible for creating Missile Technology Control Regime Category (MTCR) I ballistic missiles.
  2. Filament Winding Machines:
    • Filament winding machines play a crucial role in producing rocket motor cases. Their inclusion in Pakistan’s missile program raises concerns.
  3. Tianjin Creative’s Procurements:
    • The U.S. government believes that Tianjin Creative’s procurements were likely intended for Pakistan’s Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). SUPARCO is involved in developing and producing Pakistan’s MTCR Category I ballistic missiles.
  4. Granpect Company’s Role:
    • Granpect Company collaborated with SUPARCO to supply equipment for testing large-diameter rocket motors. They also provided similar equipment to the NDC.
  5. Sanctions Implications:
    • As a result of these actions, all property and interests in property of the designated entities within the U.S. or under U.S. control are blocked. Reporting to the Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is mandatory.
    • Entities with 50% or more ownership by blocked persons are also subject to sanctions.
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