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Odiya Film ” YOGINI’

Watched a beautiful Odia Film yesterday “Yogini” which proves there’s no fixed formula or grammar to tell a good story. It’s a Poetic musical presented through the audio visual medium of cinema which speaks about Different stages and phases of Women through evolution Physically and mentally.

How Women have been treated sexually and physically and how they have sometimes given in and sometimes fought back breaking all the shackles and taboos of society taking control of their own Mind, Body and Desires.

The makers have been honest to their concept and presented the story very effectively. Starting from the music composition by Omprakash Mohanty sir to the beautiful singing of our very own Susmita Das Ma’am whose voice timber and tone matched the concept perfectly.

The poetry by Haraprasad Das sir through 28 songs is beautiful and the way he has described sexuality and desires of humans through the perception of women of different generations is CLASSY. The presentation, storytelling and Choreography needed to be very sensible and sensitive so who else but Biyot Projna Tripathy Ma’am an educator and orator of her stature could do it with such panache and elegance. Great job Ma’am.
The casting is apt barring @anubhasourrya there’s no other known face but they have done their job perfectly especially the poster girl Dulaari who stands out with her fluidic movements. Great job team ❤️👍 A rigorous workshop was conducted to achieve this brilliance on screen ❤️😊

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