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PM Modi urges top Indian gamers to develop ‘Swachh Bharat’ game

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently engaged in a dynamic conversation with leading Indian gamers, exploring the intricacies of the gaming landscape, including the distinction between gaming and gambling, the involvement of women in the gaming sphere, and other pertinent topics. The interaction, captured in video footage, showcased PM Modi’s curiosity as he posed questions to the gamers while also participating in various gaming activities himself.

The release of photographs on Saturday, April 13, depicted PM Modi immersing himself in several gaming experiences while conversing with the gamers. He encouraged them to communicate their concerns and issues via email, urging them to articulate their challenges and suggestions for consideration by his office.

Among the notable Indian gamers present were Animesh Agarwal, Naman Mathur, Mithilesh Patankar, Payal Dhare, Tirth Mehta, Ganesh Gangadhar, and Anshu Bisht, who actively participated in the dialogue with the Prime Minister.

During the interaction, PM Modi addressed the need for regulation within the gaming industry, advocating for a balanced approach that establishes a legal framework while fostering innovation and growth. He emphasized the significance of nurturing a positive reputation for the gaming sector through structured governance, enabling it to withstand external pressures and challenges.

PM Modi also encouraged gamers to explore a diverse range of themes for game development, suggesting the incorporation of national initiatives such as ‘Swachh Bharat’ to promote societal awareness and engagement. He underscored the importance of empowering the gaming community to drive innovation and creativity while cautioning against unnecessary government intervention that could stifle progress.

Furthermore, PM Modi shared his vision for India’s future, highlighting the government’s commitment to supporting marginalized communities and promoting national development. He emphasized initiatives like Swachh Bharat as pivotal tools for fostering cleanliness and civic responsibility among citizens, advocating for universal participation in such endeavors.

The Prime Minister’s active engagement with top Indian gamers underscored his interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities within the e-gaming industry. His hands-on approach demonstrated a commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration to propel the sector forward in alignment with India’s broader development goals.

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