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PM Modi alleges Congress manifesto bears imprint of Muslim League: ‘Cut off from India’s aspirations’

In a scathing critique of the Congress party, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a blistering attack on Saturday, accusing the opposition of being out of touch with the contemporary aspirations of India. Reacting for the first time to the Congress manifesto unveiled the previous day, PM Modi asserted that it bore a striking resemblance to the ideology of the Muslim League during India’s struggle for independence.

PM Modi highlighted how the Congress manifesto, released by party stalwarts including Mallikarjun Kharge, Sonia Gandhi, and Rahul Gandhi, mirrored the ethos of the Muslim League, with the remaining portion heavily influenced by leftist ideologies. He emphasized that such an archaic approach rendered the Congress irrelevant in the current Indian political landscape.

Drawing historical parallels, PM Modi referenced the Muslim League’s advocacy for the partition of British India into separate Hindu and Muslim states, culminating in the formation of Pakistan in 1947. He underscored how the Congress, once instrumental in the fight for independence and boasting luminaries like Mahatma Gandhi, had devolved into a shadow of its former self.

PM Modi asserted that the contemporary Congress lacked both a coherent policy agenda and a forward-looking vision for India’s progress. Instead, the party’s manifesto was riddled with promises that echoed outdated ideologies, failing to resonate with the aspirations of modern India.

Addressing a rally in Saharanpur, PM Modi reiterated the sentiment prevalent among the populace that the Congress of yesteryears, which played a pivotal role in India’s freedom struggle, had long ceased to exist. He emphasized the need for political parties to adapt to the evolving needs of the nation, underscoring his government’s commitment to steering India towards a brighter future.

The Prime Minister’s remarks came in response to the Congress manifesto’s pledges, which included legal guarantees for minimum support prices, gender quotas in government employment, economic growth targets, and amendments to the GST framework.

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