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Modi on inheritance tax row: ‘Congress don’t want Indians to pass on property to children’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a blistering attack on the Congress party, spurred by recent statements made by Congress leader Sam Pitroda regarding inheritance tax. Modi accused the Congress of harboring “dangerous intentions” and criticized its proposal to impose an inheritance tax, which he portrayed as an assault on hard-earned wealth passed down to future generations.

Speaking at a rally in Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh, Modi denounced the Congress for its alleged aim to burden the middle class and hardworking individuals with higher taxes. He lambasted the Congress manifesto, suggesting that it bore the imprint of the Muslim League and insinuated the party’s inclination towards implementing reservation based on religion.

Highlighting the historical decisions made during the drafting of the Constitution, Modi emphasized the commitment to reservation for Dalits, tribals, and other marginalized communities. He accused the Congress of disregarding the principles laid down by Babasaheb Ambedkar and attempting to alter the Constitution to serve its political interests.

Modi accused the Congress of seeking to erode the rights of Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) by manipulating reservation policies to cater to its vote bank. He asserted that the BJP stood as the guardian of reservation and vowed to protect the interests of marginalized communities as enshrined in the Constitution.

In his address, Modi painted the Congress as power-hungry and lacking genuine concern for social justice and secularism. He cautioned the electorate against the Congress’s purported agenda, emphasizing the need to uphold constitutional values and safeguard the rights of all citizens.

By lambasting the Congress’s proposed policies and questioning its commitment to constitutional principles, Modi sought to rally public support behind the BJP while casting doubt on the Congress’s agenda ahead of the upcoming elections.

The Prime Minister’s remarks drew a sharp response from opposition parties, with Congress leader Sam Pitroda defending the party’s stance on inheritance tax as a means of promoting social equality and economic justice. Pitroda accused the BJP of distorting the Congress’s proposals for political gain, reiterating the party’s commitment to inclusive governance and equitable wealth distribution.

As the election campaign intensifies, the war of words between the ruling BJP and opposition parties is expected to escalate, with each side vying to sway voters with its vision for the country’s future. With crucial state elections on the horizon, the political landscape remains fraught with tension and uncertainty as parties vie for supremacy in the democratic arena.

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