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Kim Jong Un Handpicks 25 ”Pretty” Girls Every Year For His ”Pleasure Squad”

Yeonmi Park, a courageous young woman who escaped from the oppressive regime of North Korea, has recently shed light on shocking revelations about the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. In a report by Mirror, Ms. Park disclosed that Kim Jong Un selects 25 young girls annually for what is known as his “special companionship group.” Notably, these girls are chosen based on their physical appearance and unwavering political loyalty. Ms. Park herself shared that she had been scouted twice for this group, but her family background prevented her from being selected.

“They would visit every classroom, even scour schoolyards to find the most attractive girls,” Ms. Park divulged. “Once they identified potential candidates, the first criteria they assessed were their family and political backgrounds. Any girl with family members who had escaped from North Korea or had connections to South Korea or other countries would be immediately disqualified.”

According to Ms. Park, once the girls are chosen, they are subjected to medical examinations to ensure their virginity. Even the slightest imperfection, such as a minor scar, would result in disqualification. After undergoing rigorous scrutiny, only a handful of girls from all across North Korea are then sent to Pyongyang, where their sole purpose becomes fulfilling the dictator’s desires.

The “special companionship group” is divided into three distinct categories. One group is trained in the art of massage, while another is skilled in performing songs and dances. The third group is tasked with the duty of providing sexual intimacy to the dictator and other influential figures.

“They are expected to be sexually intimate with the dictator and other men. Their only goal is to learn how to please these men,” Ms. Park explained.

While the most attractive girls are chosen to directly serve the dictator himself, others are assigned to satisfy the needs of lower-ranking generals and politicians. The report further stated that once the members of the group reach their mid-twenties, their tenure comes to an end. Some of them are often married off to the leader’s bodyguards.

Ms. Park shed light on the origins of this “special companionship group,” revealing that it dates back to the 1970s during the reign of Kim Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong Il. The elder Kim believed that engaging in sexual intimacy would grant him immortality. However, he passed away in 2011 at the age of 70 due to a massive heart attack.

These revelations by Ms. Park offer a disturbing glimpse into the inner workings of the North Korean regime and the extreme measures taken by its leader to maintain control and satisfy his desires. It serves as a stark reminder of the immense challenges faced by those who dare to escape and seek freedom from such oppressive regimes.

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