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Israel expects Iranian attack within 48 hours

Iran is expected to launch a direct attack on Israel within the next 48 hours, as reported by The Wall Street Journal on Friday. The Jewish nation is reportedly preparing for this potential threat. The escalation in tensions between Israel and its age-old rival Iran coincides with Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas in Gaza, with no resolution in sight.

According to sources cited by The Wall Street Journal, Iran is currently assessing the political risks associated with a direct attack on Israel. An adviser to Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that the strike plans are under review by the Supreme Leader himself.

This latest development follows Iran’s vow to retaliate against Israel for an airstrike on its consulate in Damascus, Syria. While Iran has accused Israel of carrying out the attack, Israel has neither confirmed nor denied its involvement.

The airstrike on April 1 targeted Iran’s consulate in Damascus and resulted in the death of Iranian General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and six other military officers. This attack marked an escalation in Israel’s targeting of Iranian military officials supporting militant groups fighting against Israel.

In response to the heightened threat of an attack, the US issued a travel advisory for Americans in Israel. Despite Iran’s declaration of intent to punish Israel, it has indicated a desire to avoid a major escalation of the conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei reiterated the need to hold Israel accountable for its actions but emphasized the importance of strategic deliberation before taking further steps. Tehran has pressed for concessions, including a ceasefire in Gaza, as tensions continue to simmer in the region.

Since the initial attack by Iran-backed Hamas on southern Israel in October, Israel has intensified its airstrikes on Syria, targeting both Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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