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Iran will bear consequences for any escalation, Israeli military says

Israel’s military issued a stark warning to Iran on Saturday following Iran’s announcement of seizing an Israel-linked ship in the Gulf. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, IDF Spokesman, cautioned Iran about the repercussions of further escalating the conflict in the region. Although Hagari did not specifically mention the ship seizure incident, he emphasized Iran’s role in funding, training, and arming terrorist proxies across the Middle East and beyond.

The IDF spokesperson highlighted Iran’s involvement in instigating conflicts, citing examples such as Iran-backed Hamas initiating the Gaza war on October 7th and Hezbollah expanding the conflict the next day. Hagari underscored Iran’s global impact, asserting that its sponsorship of terrorism not only threatens Israel and neighboring countries but also fuels conflicts worldwide, including in Ukraine.

In response to Iran’s actions, Hagari emphasized Israel’s heightened state of readiness and its determination to protect its citizens from further Iranian aggression. He reassured that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were prepared for all scenarios and stood ready to collaborate with allies to safeguard Israel’s security.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz condemned Iran’s actions, characterizing them as a violation of international law and calling for immediate action from the European Union and the international community. Katz urged the designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization and the imposition of sanctions against Iran.

The escalating tensions in the region have prompted the deployment of US troops to the Middle East amid concerns of the Gaza conflict spreading. With existing US military presence and substantial military assistance to Israel, the United States aims to support regional stability amidst heightened tensions.

In summary, Israel’s military response underscores the gravity of the situation, with Hagari’s warning signaling Israel’s resolve to counter any further Iranian aggression. The international community, particularly the European Union and the United States, faces pressure to address Iran’s destabilizing actions and uphold regional security.

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