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Indian embassy advises Indians to reschedule Dubai travel plans due to rainfall

The Indian embassy in the UAE has issued a travel advisory urging Indian passengers traveling to or transiting through Dubai International Airport to reschedule non-essential travel due to heavy rainfall in the city. The advisory highlights the need for passengers to wait until operations at the airport return to normal before proceeding with their travel plans. The embassy has also set up emergency helpline numbers to assist Indian citizens affected by the extreme weather.

Intense Rainfall Causes Flooding in Dubai

Dubai experienced an unprecedented amount of rainfall this week, with the city receiving a year’s worth of rain in just one day. As a result, intense flooding occurred throughout the city, including at the Dubai International Airport. Videos shared on social media showed the airport runway submerged under water, and roads turned into rivers. The airport had to halt operations for approximately half an hour due to the heavy downpour. Volunteers even used kayaks to rescue stranded residents.

Flight Delays and Cancellations

The heavy rainfall in Dubai caused significant disruptions to air travel, with dozens of flights on Tuesday being delayed or cancelled. The affected destinations included India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. Passengers were advised to check with their respective airlines for confirmation of departure dates and times before traveling to the airport.

Indian Consulate Facilitates Communication Between Stranded Passengers and Families

In response to the situation, the Indian consulate in the UAE has taken steps to help stranded passengers in Dubai connect with their families in India. The consulate has facilitated communication between the affected individuals and their loved ones to provide support during this challenging time. The Indian embassy has assured the community that the helpline numbers will remain active until normalcy is restored, and they are committed to serving the Indian community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

In conclusion, the Indian embassy in the UAE has advised Indian passengers to reschedule non-essential travel to or through Dubai International Airport due to heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding. The airport authorities are working to restore normal operations, and passengers are advised to wait for confirmation from their respective airlines before traveling. The embassy has set up emergency helpline numbers to assist affected Indian citizens, and the Indian consulate has facilitated communication between stranded passengers and their families.

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