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Dubai grapples with record rainfall, causing chaos and disruption.

The UAE experienced severe weather conditions on Tuesday, with torrential rains causing flooding on roads and sections of the bustling international airport. Flash floods resulting from the storm have claimed the lives of 20 individuals in Oman and one in the UAE.

As the UAE grapples with the aftermath of the deluge, Dubai International Airport, a key travel hub, is facing significant disruptions. While some inbound flights resumed on Thursday, overall airport operations remain severely impacted. Terminal 1, utilized by foreign carriers, has started receiving inbound flights, albeit outbound flights continue to face delays.

Officials took to X, formerly Twitter, urging travelers to visit the airport only if they have confirmed bookings. Paul Griffiths, head of Dubai airport, described the situation as incredibly challenging, unprecedented in living memory.

The road network surrounding the airport remains congested due to overcrowding as passengers struggle to reach their destinations. On Wednesday, the airport witnessed the cancellation of about 300 flights and numerous delays.

Record-breaking rainfall of up to 259.5mm inundated the usually arid UAE on Tuesday, marking the heaviest rainfall in the country’s recorded history. Anne Wing, a British tourist, described the chaotic scene at the airport, highlighting the lack of provisions and organization, with passengers stranded for hours without food.

Airport authorities cited difficulties in delivering food to stranded passengers due to flooded roads. Frustrated travelers have taken to social media to seek information and express concerns about ticket processing delays.

The Dubai airport, renowned for its high passenger traffic, warned that recovery efforts would be prolonged. Meanwhile, ongoing rainfall continues to wreak havoc, leading to flooded roads and traffic congestion in Dubai.

Authorities have issued warnings of more thunderstorms, heavy rain, and strong winds in the region. Oman has evacuated over 1,400 individuals to shelters, with schools and government offices shuttered.

President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan has directed authorities to assess the storm’s damage and provide assistance to affected families, underscoring the government’s commitment to mitigating the storm’s impact on communities.

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