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Antony Blinken meets with China’s President Xi as US, China spar over bilateral and global issues

Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of partnership between the world’s largest economies during discussions with top US diplomat Antony Blinken, urging collaboration over rivalry. Meeting at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, Xi acknowledged progress in relations since his meeting with President Joe Biden but cautioned against perceived pressure on China’s economy, advocating for a positive perspective on its development.

Xi’s remarks come amid ongoing tensions between China and the United States, with Blinken highlighting the need for Beijing to address concerns such as support for Russia and Taiwan’s status. While describing his talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi as constructive, Blinken stressed the importance of managing differences responsibly to avoid misunderstandings or miscalculations.

During the discussions, both sides announced plans for their first formal talks on managing artificial intelligence, recognizing the growing significance of the technology. However, Blinken expressed concerns over China’s support for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, warning of potential consequences if Beijing fails to act. He also praised China’s cooperation on issues like discouraging nuclear weapons use by Russia and staying engaged on the Middle East situation.

Xi’s focus on managing economic challenges suggests a desire to avoid further confrontation with the West, particularly amid Biden’s re-election campaign and increased pressure on China in areas such as TikTok. Despite cooperation on issues like fentanyl precursor chemicals, Biden’s administration has maintained a firm stance on certain matters, including the recent move to compel ByteDance to divest TikTok or face a ban in the US.

While acknowledging areas of cooperation, tensions persist between China and the US, with divergent approaches on trade, technology, and geopolitical issues. Both sides recognize the need to navigate these differences responsibly to prevent escalation and uphold stability in the global arena.

As the Biden administration seeks to address security and privacy concerns associated with Chinese-owned apps like TikTok, it underscores the broader challenge of balancing cooperation with competition in the complex relationship between the two superpowers. Despite ongoing tensions, both China and the US remain committed to managing their relationship effectively for the benefit of their citizens and the international community.

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